• Type: 150 Watt
  • Socket: RX7s-24
  • Coltemp.: 5200 K

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POWERSTAR® HQI® metal halide lamps are perfect for all applications in which special attention is given to an optimum balance between quality of light on the one hand and economy on the other.

  • They combine intense
  • light with excellent colour rendering
  • As point light sources, they offer excellent directability and high luminaire efficiency
  • They provide brilliant economy and long life

Available in an impressive range:

  • Wattages from 70 to 400 W
  • Three basic shapes (T, TS, E)
  • Four light colours (WDL, NDL, N, D)

In view of their obvious benefits, POWERSTAR® HQI® open up a wide range of applications, particularly in professional sectors where the requirements are many and varied.

Used for:

  • prestige general lighting
  • powerful accent lighting
  • shop lighting
  • lighting in the work place
  • trade fair lighting
  • architectural lighting
  • industrial and commercial lighting
  • street and park lighting
  • Line Voltage [V]: 220-240V
  • Lamp voltage [V]: 100V
  • Colour temperat. [K]: 5200K
  • Lamp - type: OSRAM POWERSTAR
  • Wattage: 150W
  • Cap/Base: RX7s-24
  • Number of Lamps [x] Piece.: 12
  • Lamp current [A]: 1,8 A
  • Luminous efficacy [lm/W]: 73 lm/W
  • Luminous flux [lm]: 11000 lm

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