Ideal lighting for plant propagation

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Constant production and high yields are the goals to be achieved in commercial horticulture. The decisive course for this is already set during the cultivation of seedlings, clones and young plants. Because only from strong and healthy young plants can high-yielding harvests be generated later. The optimal conditions for growing young plants vary depending on the plant species, but generally … Read More

Horticultural LED Lighting Part 2: Heat Management, Optics and the Body of LED Fixtures

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Read the Previous Part: Part 1: Powering and cooling the fixture Heat Management with LED Lighting in the Growing Environment After having a look at how the fixture is cooled down to secure long-term operation without overheating, we have another look at heat management. Heat management refers to the ambient temperature within a growing environment. First of all: Why is … Read More

Horticultural LED Lighting Part 1: Powering and Cooling the Fixture

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Introduction to LED Lighting In the last years, LED grow lighting has become more and more important in the horticultural business. The new technology is continuously evolving and manufacturers are flooding the market with growing LEDs and fixtures. As this development is happening very fast, it is hard for the customer to keep up with the newest technologies. Many people … Read More