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After years of research and development together with experts in the fields of lighting, biology, and physics, the brand new Sylvania Gro-Lux LED sets the bar for the current state of the art in LED grow lighting.

Sylvania was able to suit the needs of the plants and the wants of the user.

Take a look of the advantages the Gro-Lux LED has to offer.


A True Powerhouse

The Gro-Lux LED is the most powerful passively cooled fixture on the market!

Because of the well-engineered design of the fixture, there are no fans needed to cool it down. With 396W consumption, it delivers an outstanding output of 1080µmol while being completely silent.

This output can easily be compared to a 600W 400V EL Greenhouse lamp. The user, therefore, gets the same amount of high-quality light while saving over 33% of energy.


Full Flexibility

The whole fixture offers great flexibility with its modular system.

The user can either mix and match his own spectrum or even use the LED modules individually with an additional driver. This can become especially handy in vertical farming.

No matter how you use it, the whole system will suit your needs from start to finish. There is no additional lighting or spectrum needed.

With modularity also comes updateability. When more efficient LEDs become available, the modules can easily be replaced and the Gro-Lux LED always stays up to date.

The flexibility of the workload allows for running the fixture with either three modules for smaller setups or all six modules for maximum output.


The Right Spectrum

Chose between two different spectra.

"Vegetative“ offers excellent additional lighting in combination with natural sunlight. It finds its best practice in greenhouse applications for green plants.

Furthermore, it is suitable for indoor applications to support the cultivation and growth of small plants.

 The "Universal" spectrum is explicitly suitable for the use without natural sunlight and can, therefore, be used as a solitary light source for the indoor production of plants. With this option, the whole spectrum including far-red is covered. Additionally, the "Universal" spectrum provides a small, harmless portion of UV, which has a positive impact on growth, flowering, and quality of the plant.

The modularity of the system makes it possible to mix those two spectra to, for example, achieve a denser growth of the plants with the "Vegetative" spectrum while profiting from all the mentioned benefits of the "Universal" spectrum.


Rethinking Light

Instead of just using a single light source the light on the Gro-Lux LED is widespread. With a beam angle of 120°, it is made sure that the different beams overlap each other. This leads to lots of advantages.


First of all the light is much more uniform. The mixing of the different LEDs can be ensured even in a close distance. This benefits the plant because it will be fed evenly and therefore grow evenly.

Another aspect is the minimization of shadow casting. With the broad overlap, the Gro-Lux LED is able to penetrate even deeper into the plant and provide the lower leaves with light. This leads of course to more photosynthesis, bigger and healthier plants and therefore to more yield.


High Quality Materials

The Sylvania Gro-Lux LED is built to perform on the highest level at all times. To ensure complete reliability, durability, and safety for the user and the application, only high-quality materials were used for the construction of the LED system. 

The whole fixture is built from aluminum which allows for great heat management and also makes the whole fixture ultra durable. Additionally, to this all cables are heat-resistant.


Each of the modules houses 80 high power LEDs by the market-leading manufacturer. Those are protected by the non-reflective glass which offers multiple advantages to common covers from polycarbonate or other artificial materials. 

The glass cover is easy to clean with regular household materials, no special cleaners are needed, without bearing the risk to damage the cover. The glass will not get scratched or go blind, as regular plastics would.

Damaging the cover always results in direct loss of light intensity and quality, this risk is eliminated by the use of high-quality glass. 

With the non-reflective glass used in the Sylvania Gro-Lux LED, this light-loss is under 0.1% and can therefore almost be ignored.

Another aspect that makes the fixture perfectly safe and suitable for every application is the usage of Gore-Tex® plugs. These make the internal ventilation of the modules possible while staying 100% water and vapor proof, meeting the protection standards of IP66.

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