Light planning and consulting

We do the maths so you do not have to!

With over 25 years of experience in commercial horticulture, we support our customers in achieving the best possible results.

We do not only supply you with the best lighting solutions for horticulture on the market, we also offer our know-how as a consultant when it comes to designing and setting up your projects.

Satisfied customers from all over the world have successfully achieved their desired goals with the help of our lighting plans.

We offer you:

  • Individual lighting solutions for Greenhouse, Indoor-Farming and Vertical Farming.
  • Proven HPS lighting, energy-efficient LED technology and hybrid solutions.
  • Ideal number and positioning of luminaires in your project for effective and uniform lighting.
  • Optimal light spectra and lighting intensities according to requirements for flowers, vegetables and other crops.

You have your project planned but are not a sure about what lighting you need?

Simply fill out the PDF form below with the requirements and the data you have for your project and send it to [email protected]. Our staff will then contact you for any queries, advise you on the selection of suitable products and create a professional lighting plan for you.

Download Greenhouse Lightplanning Form
Download LED | Indoor Lightplanning Form