With over a century of experience and expertise in lamps and lights, Sylvania is one of the world’s leading providers of professional lighting systems and solutions in the commercial, public and private sectors.

Since the invention of the first lamp for plant growth in 1962, Sylvania’s horticulture products have been widely used in professional commercial horticulture. The Gro-Lux HPS  lamps can look back on 25 years of success and are among the plant growth lamps with the best photosynthetic efficacy worldwide.

Sylvania is now successfully implementing this quality standard in the area of ​​modern LED technology with innovative and highly efficient LED lamps and lights.

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Lux Light Sylvania Horticulture Premium Partner

As official Sylvania Horticulture Premium Partner, Lux Light International is the ideal source of supply for all products in the horticulture range for wholesalers and retailers. In addition, we are at your disposal for technical questions about the products and together with you we will find the optimal lighting solution for your horticulture project by providing project consulting and professional light planning.

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