Vertical farming is a pioneering technology for the future of plant cultivation, with the potential to secure the food supply for the world’s growing population in the long term and to reduce the impact of agriculture on the natural environment.

Vertical farming on several levels not only significantly increases the effective cultivation area per square meter of floor space. Also, the controllability of all environmental conditions, such as temperature, ventilation, irrigation, and lighting, allows the year-round, season-independent and controlled cultivation of plants.

For space-saving and cost-effective plant lighting in vertical farming racks, energy-efficient LED solutions with low installation height and long service life are the best choice.

No matter whether mircogreens, lettuce, tomatoes and other vegetables or medicinal plants:  We offer you the right fixtures for optimal illumination in your vertical farming project.

We also offer competent technical consulting on our products and support you in all questions regarding planning, initial equipment and modernization of your Vertical Farming project. If required, we will prepare a professional light planning for you in order to determine the optimal lighting for your project.

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