DLI APEX-Series LED TopLighting 800 FS-DC

“The First True 1.000W DE HPS Replacement”

High PPF Output: 2.100 µmol
Highly Efficient: 2,6µmol/J
Dimmable 30& – 100%
Optimal Cooling by Venturi Effect
Compact Design
Designed and made in The Netherlands

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Dutch Lighting Innovations introduces the DLI APEX Series 800 FS DC. This is the first 1000W HPS replacement capable of achieving higher light output with less power input. Thanks to the optimum light distribution, this fixture is perfectly suited for use in any situation.

DLI APEX-Series LED TopLighting 800 FS-DC - Product Features

A broad light spectrum
Thanks to the broad light spectrum, the DLI APEX Series 800 FS DC fixture is ideally suited for growing crops in rooms with little or no incidental sunlight. To still provide the crop with the necessary light colour spectrum, DLI makes exclusive use of the latest generation of OSRAM LEDs, so even in an indoor situation, very high efficiency can be achieved. The fixture also offers a wide dimming range from 30% to 100%. Even at the lowest percentages, high efficiency is maintained.

Unique light distribution
The fixture with its optical lens is able to achieve excellent light distribution. The innovative lens ensures high light uniformity, at every possible height. The wide light distribution makes the fixture perfectly suited for hybrid installation or situations that require the one-to-one replacement of a 1000W HPS fixture. The optical lens retains the light uniformity on the crop, despite this changeover. This eradicates the need to reconfigure the fixture installation, thereby avoiding high installation costs.

Surprisingly lightweight and compact design
The compact design of this fixture means that it is not only low maintenance and easy to install but also easy to clean. The footprint of the fixture is identical to that of a 1000W HPS fixture and as such can be connected and commissioned, plug and play, as a one-to-one replacement for a 1000W HPS fixture, in an existing installation.

Unsurpassed cooling
Passive cooling is achieved by the venturi effect brought about by the unique positioning of the LED bars in the fixture. This method, that ensures the optimum cooling performance for the LEDs, is a huge advantage since the temperature of the LED heavily influences the lifespan and reliability of the fixture. Thanks to the unique cooling system in this fixture, Dutch Lighting Innovations can guarantee optimum reliability and a longer lifespan.

Compatible with all existing DLI systems
The fixture is fully compatible with the other products in the DLI portfolio. This fixture communicates seamlessly with the DLI controller, allowing you to easily replace or extend your existing installation with this new fixture.