DLI Brightshine Reflector Wipes

  • Cleans reflectors to maintain maximum reflectivity
  • No residue – cleans and protects
  • Quick drying – Dry and ready-to-use
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This all-in-one BrightShine Reflector Wipe loosens dirt and lifts it off the reflector, pulling dirt and grime into the Wipe and locking it away for good. Give your reflector a good wipe with one clean BrightShine Wipe per reflector and throw the Wipe away. The exclusive Isopropyl formula is chemically altered for DLI aluminium and evaporates quickly giving you an amazing clean reflector. Each canister comes with 80 Pre-moistened Reflector Wipes.

Content: 80 wipes
Ingredients: Isopropyl Alcohol, Purified water.