DLI Joule Series 1000W 347/400V DC-EU

1000W Double-Ended HPS Complete Fixture

  • Quality, Reliability & Long Lifespan
  • Extra Low-Profile Housing
  • Improved Deep Reflector
  • Dimmable 600W-1150W
  • Designed and made in The Netherlands


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A low-maintenance fixture that guarantees quality, reliability and a long lifespan: Dutch Lighting Innovations offers a lighting fixture perfectly tailored to the needs of growers. The DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE DC is an innovative lighting fixture that delivers a competitive edge to boost your yield.

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE-DC - Product Features

DLI HORTI-Series 1000W DE-DC – Product Features

Compatible with all existing DLI systems
The fixture is fully compatible with the other products in the DLI portfolio. This fixture communicates seamlessly with the DLI controller, allowing you to easily replace or extend your existing installation with this new fixture.

Plug and play: ready to use
The two suspension eyes on the top of this fixture ensure simple installation in every conceivable situation, using the two screw eyes supplied. The fixture operates according to the plug and play principle. In other words, the new fixture is ready to use immediately following simple installation.

Ideally suited for use at height
Due to the compact design and low profile of the housing,  it is possible to install the fixture as high as possible above the crop. This greater height improves light uniformity on the crop, thereby increasing the overall yield.

Unsurpassed cooling
The unique and compact housing of the fixture keeps the electronics cool; a huge advantage since proper cooling of the electronics greatly increases the lifespan and reliability of the fixture. Thanks to the unique cooling system in this fixture, we can guarantee optimum reliability and a longer lifespan.

Maximum yields
This fixture comes with a reflector specially designed for situations requiring higher light levels. The reflector ensures deep light transmission onto the crop, which is ideal in situations where the distance between fixture and crop is greater than average.