Nanolux LED ZX630

  • Economy & Basic
  • Wattage = 630W
  • PPF = 1764 μmol/s
  • Efficacy = 2.80 μmol/J
  • Use Sanan high-quality chips
  • foldable for easy handling
  • Wide input voltage 120 – 277V
  • Light weight & compact design
  • 0-10V wired lighting control
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Introducing the Economy & Basic LED Grow Light with a wattage of 630W – the ideal solution for your indoor garden!

With an impressive PPF (Photosynthetic Photon Flux) of 1764 μmol/s and a high efficacy of 2.80 μmol/J, this grow light provides powerful illumination for optimal plant growth.
To ensure the highest quality, we use Sanan high-quality chips, guaranteeing reliable and consistent light output for your plants.

The foldable design allows for easy handling and storage. Effortlessly adjust the light to meet the needs of your garden.
With a wide input voltage range of 120 to 277V, this grow light is highly versatile and can be connected to different power sources.

The lightweight and compact design make the installation and positioning of this grow light a breeze. It seamlessly blends into your cultivation area or greenhouse.
The 0-10V wired lighting control enables you to precisely adjust the light intensity and regulate the light cycle for optimal plant growth.

Rely on the Economy & Basic LED Grow Light to provide your plants with the best illumination. Experience a healthy harvest and watch your plants thrive under this efficient and powerful grow light. Take your indoor gardening to the next level!