Nanolux RG300

Economy & Basic
Power Rating = 630W
PPF = 1764 μmol/s
Efficiency = 2.80 μmol/J

Key Benefits:

Utilizes high-quality Sanan chips
Foldable for easy handling
Wide input voltage range 120 – 277V
Lightweight and compact design 0-10V wired light control



The Nanolux Full Spectrum + UV & IR Quantum Board LED Series RG is an innovative lighting solution for your grow space. This well-balanced system represents the pinnacle of market advancements in grow light technology for your grow tent.

  • Full spectrum/UV/IR combination mode, suitable for different growth stages of plants
  • Wide input voltage range of 120 V – 277 V, compatible with various types of power cables and plugs in different regions
  • Full spectrum designed for all cultivation stages, from seed germination to flowering, to increase yield and crop quality
  • The light board is detachable, allowing for overlapping packaging and saving 50% on shipping costs.