Nanolux RG480

Economy & Basic

Wattage = 480W
PPF = 1200 μmol/s
Efficiency = 2.50 μmol/J

Advantages at a glance:
TOP bin Samsung leds

UV+IR to increase THC yield

Detachable design , reducing the packing volume by 40%

Plug and Play easy to use Soft start prolongs lamp life (10%)

0-10V wired light control or 20-100% manual dimming

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The Nanolux Full Spectrum + UV & IR Quantum Board LED Series RG is an innovative lighting solution for your grow room. This balanced system represents the pinnacle of market advancements in grow light technology for your grow tent.

  • Full spectrum/UV/IR combination mode, suitable for different stages of plant growth
  • Wide input voltage range from 120 V – 277 V, compatible with different types of power cables and plugs in different regions
  • Full spectrum for all stages of cultivation, from seed germination to flowering, to increase yield and crop quality
  • The light panel is removable, allows overlapping packaging and saves 50% on shipping costs