PHILIPS GreenPower Research Module

With the GreenPower LED research modules, you can decide for yourself how much red, how much blue, how much white and how much far red light you want at any given moment.
And the module’s dimming capability allows you to set exactly the level of light you require. With this flexibility, you can truly tune the light to meet the specific needs of each crop.
The GreenPower LED research module’s specially developed optics ensure a uniform light distribution across the shelves, which means that every plant receives the same level and quality of light. Efficient heat management Thanks to the LED technology and optimized thermal design, the GreenPower LED research module radiates very little heat toward the plants. It can accommodate additional forms of cooling (e.g. air, water) for even more efficient heat management.
The GreenPower LED research module is robust, waterproof and safe (low voltage).
Combined with its long service life, this means little or no maintenance.

Application areas

• Multilayer plant production, especially young plants
• Plant research
• Conditioned environments, including climate cabinets and production units


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