DLI CRI-Series UV 150W DE

This fixture is one of a kind. Dutch Lighting Innovations is the only grow light manufacturer that develops and builds UV-light fixtures able to recreate all the UV-A and UV-B advantages inside. All advantages of sunlight, in a controlled environment.

  • Healthier plants
  • More terpenes and cannabinoids
  • More vigorous plant grow
  • Supplement to HPS and/or LED


Discover the future of horticulture with the DLI CRI-Series UV 150W DE! This unique device can be used in combination with HPS and/or LED lamps and serves as a supplement to conventional plant light. The wide UV-resistant reflector makes the device suitable for various arrangements. The use of UV light for at least 2 to 4 hours a day during the lighting cycle maximizes efficiency. The device can be used with our DLI controllers and can therefore be integrated into all existing DLI installations.

Exclusivity characterizes this product – the device uses the DLI exclusive “Solar Noon®” lamp. Dutch Lighting Innovations is the only plant light manufacturer to produce UV light devices that can replicate all the benefits of UV-A and UV-B rays from the outdoor sun in a controlled environment.

The focus is on healthier plants and pest control. The specific photoreceptors for UV-B and UV-A that plants use to sense their environment help plants become more resilient. Stimulation with UV light increases the thickness of leaves and cell walls, making plants less susceptible to pests and mold. This reduces the need for insecticides and fungicides and helps to break down residues on surfaces.