Sylvania Gro-Lux LED Interlight

Linear lighting system for low-level additional lighting in between plants.
Two-sided illumination, angled downwards to ensure no upwards light striking underside of the leaves and no light wasted lighting the aisles between the plants.

  • Vegetative spectrum 85:15 Red:Blue with a peak at 670nm to stimulate lateral stem growth
  • Through-wiring connection for up to 40 luminaires
  • IP66 water/dust/dirt resistant – suitable for mounting directly beside plants
  • Easy suspension installation
  • Ready for multi-layer installation


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Horticultural indoor farming is growing due to the increasing demand for food, flowers and medicinal plants. With this demand comes an increase in research into the impact of light sources on yield. Sylvania continues to incorporate this knowledge to develop more efficient and cost-effective lighting solutions which extend the growing seasons of the plants and increase the yield and quality of the crop.

Gro-Lux® LED Interlight has been developed so that additional light can penetrate deeper into plant foliage to increase their growth and yield in horticultural facilities. For high-wire cultivation natural sunlight or toplighting alone is not enough to obtain the best performance from a plant. Shadowing from the top leaves of the plant can block the light for the leaves below. By using supplementary interlights, all leaves of the plant obtain the light energy they need, thus increasing growth rates and yield.